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  1. Keep Steady

From the recording Keep Steady

Featuring Jaimeson Lowell, Jesus Irizarry, and Mistaswift.
Introducing The First of Five Tracks
from the Soundtrack to the upcoming film 'Scherzo El Skorpion'
Produced by Ezrazmus 'Elemento' Jones for Lucky Dragon 5 Productions
Mixed by Ezraz @ The Flux-adel Recording Division, Northside USA
Mastered by Dave Davis @ QCA Sound, USA


Falling like a season
a calling for some reason
a cure for all diseases
sneezing when your freezing
snot drips on lips
a warm cup of coffee
a hot bitch rubs
the Vicks vapor off me
the fluid in my lungs
keeps flowin' on time
you'll find that i'm the one
know that it's a sign
from father P... a moment of silence
everyone knows we're gonna make it this time
and eat our young
while we beat our drum
i'm a doo-doo chaser
america's on the runs
shits and giggles
greedy fingers from the biddle
tiggle bitties little kiddies
p-diddy's so cynical
pool all our races
together we're winnable
these facts for our cases
i know you can't dismiss 'em
all you piss me off
here's a kiss so soft... and cough
you finally got what i've been saying
so cuddle up
in a sweaty bed
with a dready head
ponder what he said
and spread your legs
keep steady
keep steady
keep steady
keep steady
overhead blanket 
while we sleep
over imaculation
ejaculation, conversation, more ejaculation
you might ask yourself what comes after this?
shit, i know i'll go one more time
for pure funk and nastiness
pure funk and nastiness
had enough?
class is dismissed
but you stick around 
you can't resist
pure funk and nastiness