Keep Steady


Dark, funky, full of twists and tweaks, the 2nd scene from Scherzo Elskorpion represents another radical run through the strange world of 2MERICA. The strong and sexy followup to Never Met Tomorrow delivers more radical funk!

What and where is 2merica? :: We R everwhere U R. :: I R We U R :: Pocketfuzz Elskorpion :: Why do you dissappoint your father Ya-ya? :: The mission is this. Try to make sense of it. :: In a silly serious way. :: We do music we do art we do what we feel. :: We do what we can do to get by. :: From park to park cafe by day studio all night ... :: it’s 2MERICA.

Keep Steady, Keep Steady.

Performed by Jesus Irizarry :: Mistaswift :: Ezraz Jones :: J. Reynolds :: Jaimeson Lowell :: BB Zane Written by Jesus Irizarry :: Jaimeson Lowell :: Ezraz Jones :: J. Reynolds Lyrics by Jaimeson Lowell Recorded by Ezraz Jones :: J. Reynolds :: MIstaswift Recorded at Kajd Bych, J's, FluXadelic Underground Mixed at The Flux-adel Recording DIvision, Northside Mastered at The All Night Party, Dave Davis Engineer Produced by Ezraz Jones for Collinwood Sun LLC Managed by Fahqfasse Bookman Productions ©2010 2MERICORP

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