You web old schoolers might remember a set of streaming radio stations I used to program about 10 years ago. There was the infamous P.Addict Radio playing all rarities from the P-Funk mob, Newzilla Radio that played unsigned funky stuff, and the flagship station WFNK RADIO that did a little bit of everything. It was a good listen and lots of fun managing those streams but they died out eventually.

I’m happy to announce that I just brought WFNK RADIO back in a new form, this time on Jango. It’s free, sounds good, works in most browsers, doesn’t leak memory, and if you sign up for an account you get all sorts of social-media features to add to your listening experience. Same things as before just 10 years of web advancement makes it that much better.

Tune in right here:?play WFNK Radio. Old-school funk and soul, newer sounds, and the occasional rock track thrown in to keep the mix going… check out the new WFNK Radio! If you haven’t tried streaming radio like Jango and Pandora lately give it a shot, it’s come a long way. I find Pandora’s library and playlists to be lacking, but Jango let’s you really build a killer station.


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