The Dawning Of A New Era

We aren’t totally organized up here at Flux-adel. We aren’t a record label complete with office staff and quarterly profit/loss statements. We have no investors or business consultants. We only make music and make art to the best of our abilities, in a very low-budget, anything goes sort of way. We try to live the credo it’s not what you have it’s how you use it.

We have confidence and we have talented people, and we use these websites and other means to share that with the world. But ultimately we do it for ourselves because there’s no other good reason to take that journey. Success is the doing, so the resulting piece of work is always a success.

The new era is here. We are not alone in our methods and the proof of what is capable by this system is all around us: Roaming Crazy’s debut “Stares 2020”. Listen to the best work of 2MERICA. See more coming soon from artists Lo Cro, Rosalyn Flux, Rundiamski, Ezraz Jones, and something really big from Roaming Crazy.

We laid lots of pipe this winter, time to turn the water on.


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