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Stares 2020 Available For Sale Worldwide!

Newest Flux-adel crazy chit on iTunes US, everywhere else soon enough! ?Roaming Crazy is just getting started. Download to your Walkman for untethered goodness today! Update 3/14: The track is now live for purchase and streaming at six additional stores: Napster, Shockhound, We7, Myspace Music, Amazon.com, and Last.fm, plus 25+ […]


The Online Debut of Roaming Crazy, Such a Fitting Name

Uh oh it’s alive!! What but a potential phoenix could rise through this midwestern freeze? The streets are alive with the sound of Roaming Crazy. This is one of the newest projects cooking at Flux-adel and soon we will have a single to blast your eardrums straight to the looney […]


Now Hear This

There’s more than a few streaming music services out there: (Pandora, Napster, Rhapsody, Last.fm, Spotify… just to name a few). I myself spent 4 years programming a collection of Shoutcast/Live365 stations in the late 90’s so I’ve been a fan and critic of internet radio since it started. I recommend […]