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Explore and Heart Our Bands

The Sixty One is a cool little site — they just play music, full screen in your browser, and you get to vote or follow along if you want to participate. Check out Roaming Crazy looking all blue and 2MERICA letting it all hang out!  


Now Hear This

There’s more than a few streaming music services out there: (Pandora, Napster, Rhapsody, Last.fm, Spotify… just to name a few). I myself spent 4 years programming a collection of Shoutcast/Live365 stations in the late 90’s so I’ve been a fan and critic of internet radio since it started. I recommend […]



You web old schoolers might remember a set of streaming radio stations I used to program about 10 years ago. There was the infamous P.Addict Radio playing all rarities from the P-Funk mob, Newzilla Radio that played unsigned funky stuff, and the flagship station WFNK RADIO that did a little […]