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All 2MERICA All The Time

It’s the anti-facebook, no it’s the anti-circle, no it’s the anti-pop live-remix outfit known as 2MERICA, and they have released their 3rd LP and it’s fun-kay! ?Check out some Mass Entertainment here, here, here, and here. The perfect band for the digital age, 2MERICA smashes every genre they can into […]


Roam Crazy and Sing Too

Flux-adel’s crazed rock act finally put out a new single – “Sing Too” – so turn it up and enjoy! Here’s a the video from the release party this summer: Here’s their ReverbNation player: Here’s their iTunes US link: And finally, keep an eye on their Soundcloud and ReverbNation pages […]


Sing Too With Flux

The latest from our resident crazies, live from Cleaveland OH ya!