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Genius of 2MERICA

https://genius.com/artists/2merica Genius is a great platform for notating and sharing music knowledge. 

Winter Wonderland of Sound

The Flux-adel Recording Division continues to launch great music into the atmosphere. We do it ourselves, for ourselves, and then share it with you. Art for Art’s sake. Groogle up Winnie Rose, 2MERICA, Ezraz, Roaming Crazy, and The Stares 20/20 to see and hear the online profiles of our artists.


All 2MERICA All The Time

It’s the anti-facebook, no it’s the anti-circle, no it’s the anti-pop live-remix outfit known as 2MERICA, and they have released their 3rd LP and it’s fun-kay! ?Check out some Mass Entertainment here, here, here, and here. The perfect band for the digital age, 2MERICA smashes every genre they can into […]


Flux-adel Release Party 2012

Party was amazing! Check out the photos on flickr.   http://fluxrelease.eventbrite.com— info and free registration http://fluxadel.com/party — more info on the party Can’t wait to throw down with the folks!


Going Back For A Good Time

[Pre-Announcement Announcement] Celebrate our new music with us! The Flux-adel Recording Division Proudly Presents New Releases From: ROAMING CRAZY 2MERICA THE STARES 20/20 EZRAZ and introduces the debut aria masterpiece from WINNIE ROSE   5 Coming Attractions from 5 Amazing Artists This party is gonna go on, so of course […]


Worldwide Flux Love

We pursue various promotional channels at the Flux, and the one that is really popping for us right now is Jango Radio. All 4 of our artists on Jango (2MERICA, The Stares 20/20, Ezraz, and Roaming Crazy) have been scoring way high in the weekly ratings, voted on by listeners […]


The Dawning Of A New Era

We aren’t totally organized up here at Flux-adel. We aren’t a record label complete with office staff and quarterly profit/loss statements. We have no investors or business consultants. We only make music and make art to the best of our abilities, in a very low-budget, anything goes sort of way. […]


Explore and Heart Our Bands

The Sixty One is a cool little site — they just play music, full screen in your browser, and you get to vote or follow along if you want to participate. Check out Roaming Crazy looking all blue and 2MERICA letting it all hang out!  


In The Heart Of The City

The Flux-adel has been staying busy as the brown surrounds, aka autumn in the midwest. The past two weeks have been gorgeous around town — hundreds of shades of red, brown, orange moving and collecting everywhere. It’s amazing but forces reflection on another summer passed. When the sun goes down […]