Summer Madness

The Flux-adel Recording Division

The Flux-adel Recording Division

Thank you spaghetti jesus for the sunshine and thanks to your mother for the rest of the nature stuff ! It’s beautiful outside on the northside and for some reason we are cramming more Flux work into each day than ever before.

The flux fam had a nice day off on Memorial Day, which ended up being harder work than work! Now back at it, this is the summer where lots of irons shall be removed from the many fires burning around town.

(Since some of us pedal between destinations we get nature, exercise, and a better view, so maybe the increased productivity is nothing more than the achievement of balance. What? Nothing about a nice huge recording rig upgrade? Typical self-centered babble!)

Guess what? We are making much noise and attempting to enhance our legacies this summer: The full Roaming Crazy debut album recorded in 1 weekend… while filming the whole process for a documentary… The debut release from Low Cro (formerly of Dead Aim Me, now vocalist for Roaming Crazy)… The 3rd mega-single from 2merica’s Scherzo Elscorpion incra-mental el-pee… even a full length digital symphony from Ezraz known as “Spiderbots” is deep in production, planned for a late 2011 release. I got a tinge of heartburn just typing this list.

We have production and re-production to go with our exploration through reduction. We must be up with hope, down with dope. Why do we do any of this? It doesn’t matter, the question is moot.

ps – like the new logo idea?

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