Recording Services

Recording :: We can multitrack digitally up to 24/96 and run hybrid style through vintage analog gear. From demo to finished release, we can handle it at Flux. Whether you want go heavy on the electronics and compression, or mellow and transparent all around, our engineers make it work. It’s all about the sound and the vibe.

Producing :: A recorded song is permanent and should be timeless. A producer tries to bring out the best in an artist and works to capture the magic. A pro from Flux-adel can produce your work at other facilities or you can bring an outside producer into the Flux-adel Studios. We just want to make music not business cards.

Publishing :: From Copyright to Performance Rights Organizations and Publishing Companies, this complex part of the music business is something The Flux-adel Recording Division can guide you through.

Distributing :: The new world of online distribution is our specialty, but we can assist in design, production, and distribution of hard copies. We can help get your song in the iTunes Music Store, Amazon, Spotify, etc. in no time, explaining the complexities of this new music business along the way.

Contact us if you want to make some music together. Flux-adel has lots of powers ready to be tapped by your project.

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