2MERICA is a musical project created in 2004 by Ezraz Jones and Jaimeson Lowell. The music is a collaboration between various musicians, Ezraz being the only permanent musical contributor. Their style is a composition of multiple musical genres, with a large number of influences including: funk, dub, hip hop, alternative rock, electronic and pop music.

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Discography & Timeline:

2003: Ezraz incorporates Traktor DJ software and looping instruments into his DJ sets.

2004: Ezraz starts creating original music with Jaimeson, Mistaswift, and J. He releases DJ Mixtape featuring 2 original compositions entitled “M66 Mix: Games Dames & Mashup Pains” and sells out all copies at Freekbass gigs around the US.

2005: 2MERICA is formed and releases their debut 14-track LP “Record Profits”.

2006: 2MERICA records several tracks live in Cincinnati featuring Jesus Irizarry on bass and Mistaswift on drums. These tracks will eventually be released in the “Scherzo Elskorpion”collection.

2007: 2MERICA releases their 2nd LP, the 9-track “Sensors&Switches&Buttons”.

2009: 2MERICA releases the single “Never Met Tomorrow”, the 1st from the Scherzo Elskorpion sessions

2010: 2MERICA releases the single “Keep Steady”, the 2nd from Scherzo Elskorpion

2010: Ezraz hits youtube with over 10 2MERICA videos posted

2011: 2MERICA streams on Jango Radio and week after week receives high rankings

2012: 2MERICA becomes the #1 funk band in Cleveland on Reverbnation

2012: 2MERICA releases their 3rd LP entitled “Mass Entertainment”, including the title track (the 3rd from the El Skorpion sessions) and 4 new compositions.



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