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Welcome to the recording division!
Welcome to the recording division!
Welcome To The Flux-adel Recording Division

Our Artists:

  • 2MERICA __ formed in 2004, this extravaganza is shooting for the best mashup band you’ve never heard of. So far they have put out 2 full length LPs, a few singles, plenty of subversiveness, and lots of regurgitated pop culture. Plus they are all over the web:?2MERICA.com?: ?2MERICA?on The Sixty One 😕2MERICA?on CDBaby 😕2MERICA?in iTunes Music Store 😕2MERICA on myspace 😕2MERICA on Jango Radio 😕2MERICA on 2M::Reax 😕2MERICA EPK on MusicSubmit
  • Roaming Crazy __ formed in 2010, this is a loud improvisational rock band with 1 single out and a full-length LP in production. Here’s some stuff online: Roaming Crazy on ReverbNation : Roaming Crazy on Jango Radio : Roaming Crazy on The Sixty One : Stares 2020 single in iTunes Music Store : Roaming Crazy on Last.fm : Roaming Crazy on myspace : Roaming Crazy on Facebook
  • The Stares 2020 __ formed in 2011, this is the latest project from LoCro, formerly of Dead Aim Me. Digitally they live on Reverbnation, on Facebook, and on MySpace. TS2020 is currently rehearsing for shows this summer!
  • Ezraz __ Ezraz ‘Elemento’ Jones is the knob spinner for 2MERICA and Roaming Crazy, and he has put out a few instrumental solo EP’s to date. Check out Music For Spiderbots & License Punch Out!, with a 3rd dubby release slated for spring 2012. For updates,?Ezraz keeps his blog at WFNK.com
  • Winnie Rose __ a new thing, a new sound, a new beginning ? featuring a mix of guitar, vocals, strings, and operetta stylings caressed into an emotional flashpoint. The debut release from Winnie Rose: “The Nightlight Aria” is due for release spring of 2012.

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