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There’s more than a few streaming music services out there: (Pandora, Napster, Rhapsody,, Spotify… just to name a few). I myself spent 4 years programming a collection of Shoutcast/Live365 stations in the late 90’s so I’ve been a fan and critic of internet radio since it started.

I recommend you check out the free Jango Radio – it’s twist on the idea is that Jango inserts independent artists into the playlist (about 10% indie). The unsigned artists usually fit in the mix and you are able to vote on and friend/follow the artist if you enjoy them, or skip to the next track if not. Overall their playlists and selection is strong and I usually enjoy listening more than the other services.

Some services like Pandora won’t let you skip too often, or load up the stream with commercials on every click. Jango does insert A/V commercials in the player but the intrusion is minimal. The player window provides the artist bio, pictures, links to lyrics, store links, make a ringtone, etc.. All good stuff, not tacky (at least from my mac). Your profile allows you to add all the social networking stuff, create your own ‘stations’, and otherwise try to make musical connections. Cons include no mobile client (yet) and the player – being flash – occasionally hangs, but nothing a quick reload can’t fix.

Interested in checking it out? My username is Ezrazmus and I have 4 stations:

  • The Flux-adel Sound – Presenting progressive, sonically interesting, quirky, emotional music, mostly rock.
  • WFNK RADIO -?Always spinning the finest funk, soul, rock, hip-hop, reggae and more.
  • SONGWRITING MASTERS -?The greatest songs, melodies, and artists, any genre. Well-written stuff only.
  • 2MERICAN DREAMS -?Artist favorites from the 2MERICA crew. Hear our influences and inspirations.

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