In The Heart Of The City

The Flux-adel has been staying busy as the brown surrounds, aka autumn in the midwest. The past two weeks have been gorgeous around town — hundreds of shades of red, brown, orange moving and collecting everywhere. It’s amazing but forces reflection on another summer passed.

When the sun goes down we huddle at the Flux to make music and life. A few projects are cooking along right now. Here’s the big update:

— Lo Cro is finishing up tracking for a new single, and it sounds hot and almost ready to roll. He keeps it’s ‘Lo-Pro’ so there’s no web stuff to click to but soon your ears will hear the fruits of our labor.

— Ezraz and JP are still cooking on the project they’ve codenamed “Run Diamski” with a few songs in progress. Been listening to lots of BlakRoc too! No timeline on this one but something will trickle out when it’s ready…

2MERICA has been busy making more videos – 2 more posted to Youtube in the last month. Watch, favorite, recommend, dig, whatever. We appreciate the support.

— 2MERICA’s latest release “Keep Steady” is out online, but we’ve held off on the big promo until it’s available on iTunes. We are still waiting, but check your store of choice for the newest, weirdest, bestest 2MERICA track yet.

— Ezraz has started another new project with just his strange pianoish instruments and other robots…. name and release schedule is super top secret on this, I just was having fun making this big list!

— To that end, keep an eye on for regular fun stuff from around the web. A couple of real funny videos just posted over there.

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