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Winter Wonderland of Sound

The Flux-adel Recording Division continues to launch great music into the atmosphere. We do it ourselves, for ourselves, and then share it with you. Art for Art’s sake. Groogle up Winnie Rose, 2MERICA, Ezraz, Roaming Crazy, and The Stares 20/20 to see and hear the online profiles of our artists.

Going Mobile

The Flux-adel has always been pretty mobile, at various times being dragged across the city or the country for some recording opportunity. An early rendition of the studio brains lived in a road case for a bit, and of course we’re not opposed to setting up a 4-track in a hotel room and doin’ the do!

So times are a changin again and we are moving the Flux this fall, first back to it’s prior home (The Underground) then hopefully to it’s new home (LaFlux?). Either way work will continue, with new music from The Stares 20/20, Winnie Rose, Ezraz, and even 2MERICA in production over the summer. It’s just more lugging and plugging for those of us giving a damn. Perhaps soon we get a vehicle to plop all this stuff into, make it mobile official??


All 2MERICA All The Time

It’s the anti-facebook, no it’s the anti-circle, no it’s the anti-pop live-remix outfit known as 2MERICA, and they have released their 3rd LP and it’s fun-kay! ?Check out some Mass Entertainment here, here, here, and here. The perfect band for the digital age, 2MERICA smashes every genre they can into the stew, cracking genomes and slapping baby bottoms on this planet and the next.

Completed in 2005, 2MERICA’s 1st LP “Record Profits” was recorded in the motel rooms of America. 14 pieces strong featuring a cast of many without a care in the world, it’s still available a few places online if you groogle it.?Settling into his studio “The Fluxadelic Underground” allowed Ezraz to produce the follow-up “Sensors & Switches & Buttons” in 2007 without a sophomore slunk. Some live-in-studio tracks were also captured and ultimately released as the singles “Never Met Tomorrow” and “Keep Steady” in 2009 & 2010.

Upgrading the studio into “The Flux-adel Recording Division” in 2010 has allowed Ezraz to produce other acts (grookle Roaming Crazy, Winnie Rose, The Stares 20/20, ?& Ezraz) as well as drop the latest 2MERICAN adventure into your earholes.

Mass Entertainment features JP Abramczyk on guitars, Mistaswift on drums, Jesus Irizarry on bass, Jaimeson Lowell on raps, and Lo Cro on vocals. Just like the rest of the collection, it was produced by Ezraz Jones and mastered by Dave Davis.

Peep it. If you like what you hear, check out the back catalog. By being both ahead and behind at the same time, 2MERICA ends up being just right.


Check Out The Stares 20/20

Another studio mate of ours – The Stares 20/20 – keeps spreading around the net and climbing up the charts! Friendlikefavorite them up at various locales:

Keep an eye on The Flux-adel Recording Division for new releases!


Roam Crazy and Sing Too

Flux-adel’s crazed rock act finally put out a new single – “Sing Too” – so turn it up and enjoy!

Here’s a the video from the release party this summer:

Here’s their ReverbNation player:

Here’s their iTunes US link:

And finally, keep an eye on their Soundcloud and ReverbNation pages for exclusives.

The Nightlight Aria by Winnie Rose

Introducing our latest talent, Winnie Rose! She’s moving up the charts on Jango and her debut single “The Nightlight Aria” b/w “For The Fallen” is now available for download at your favorite online store. Here’s the video that accompanied the Aria at the Cleveland Release Party:

Sing Too With Flux

The latest from our resident crazies, live from Cleaveland OH ya!

Flux-adel Release Party 2012

Party was amazing! Check out the photos on flickr.– info and free registration — more info on the party

Can’t wait to throw down with the folks!